A380 South Devon Link Road

Welcome to the July edition of our monthly bulletin. As we move into summer, the recent dry weather has enabled us to make good progress but has also presented the problem of dust in certain areas. We are addressing this by increasing the number of water bowsers we use to keep dust to a minimum.

As part of our policy to ensure the safety of the general public and our employees, we are now using traffic marshals along the length of the project. Their role is to control vehicles entering and exiting our sites especially where that traffic intersects with public road users and pedestrians.

Regarding construction, you will now be able to clearly see the route of the SDLR as it passes behind the Barn Owl and continues through Kingskerswell and on to Hamelin Way. The project is divided up into distinct structures, and we have included their numbers where appropriate. Full details of the two sections are below to assist you with understanding what you can expect to see over the coming weeks.

North Section – Penn Inn roundabout to The Barn Owl pub

June commenced/completed works

  • Working platforms prepared within Penn Inn roundabout (S02).
  • Splitter island on south side of Penn Inn roundabout prepared for traffic switching.
  • Sainsbury’s realignment of footpaths and roadworks commenced.
  • Construction work continues on retaining wall adjacent to Sainsbury’s (S06).
  • Masonry works proceeding in area adjacent to bus stop at Addison Road (S04).
  • Piling completed on retaining wall at Aller Park Road (S05C).
  • Works commenced on retaining walls (S09) adjacent to railway from former site of Aller Cottages to railway accommodation bridge.
  • Continuation of earthworks in Barn Owl area.

July/August planned works

  • Works to North Ramp beside slip roads north of Penn Inn roundabout (S01).
  • Piling rigs to be used within Penn Inn roundabout and retaining wall adjacent to Sainsbury’s (S02 and S06).Steel fixing and carpentry works to begin on retaining walls adjacent to Sainsbury’s (S06).
  • Sainsbury’s realignment of footpaths and roadworks scheduled to be completed.
  • Sainsbury’s culvert works commence – installation of large pre-cast culvert units (S22).
  • All piling at St Luke’s Road and Hanson’s Quarry to be completed (S05B and S05G).
  • Excavations adjacent to St Luke’s Road and Aller Park Road for creation of Aller Park Link Road.
  • Works continue on retaining walls from former site of Aller Cottages to railway accommodation bridge (S09).
  • Utility diversions at Hanson’s Quarry, Aller Brake Road and across the A380 (date to be confirmed).
  • Earthworks continue in Barn Owl area.

South Section – The Barn Owl pub to Hamelin Way

June - Commenced/completed works:

  • Major sewer diversion in the field north of Aller Cross commenced.
  • Excavation of Aller Road Underbridge commenced (S12).
  • Elmcroft Link Road commenced.
  • A plant crossing at Maddacombe Road in the first week of June.
  • Sewer and power cable diversions associated with the environmental bund at Greenhill Road.
  • Excavation continues from Hamelin Way for haul road towards Yon Street.
  • Preparations for Yon Street diversion.
  • Excavations for construction of first large pre-cast culvert commence at Edginswell (S33).
  • Temporary diversion of public footpath at Edginswell (Parson’s footbridge).

July/August - Planned works

  • Start of Aller Brook Culvert north of Aller Cross (S19).
  • Temporary closure of Greenhill Road/Yon Street for utilities works, (exact date to be confirmed).Traffic management restrictions in place on Yon Street, Greenhill Road, Huxnor Road and Edginswell Lane
  • Excavation of Aller Road Underbridge continues (S12).
  • Elmcroft Link Road scheduled to be completed.
  • Yon Street diversion utilities works continue.
  • Piped culvert at Greenhill Road scheduled to be completed.
  • Advance 5 no. drainage culverts progress along South Section (S33, S32, S31, S29, S28).
  • Main earthworks excavations continue north and south of Maddacombe Road.
  • Sewer diversion adjacent to Parson’s Footbridge near Edginswell.
  • Excavation of new east bound carriageway and slip road at Hamelin Way continues.


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